saturday design tunes feat. banks

So I'm starting something new here...As many of you know, I just moved up to NY for a job. I am working for Royal Apparel, an ecommerce clothing company who specializes in manufacturing organic, sustainable and american made clothing. Pretty cool. As web merchandiser, graphic designer, photographer, creative slave...I spend so much of my days alone working on my computer, listening to really awesome music. Everyday I'm constantly looking up new artist, bands, etc. God I love music...

So with that said, every couple days I'm going to add 3-5 songs to my playlist. As the songs grow, i'll probably start making new playlist to separate genres. 

This week features a lot of BANKS, who I haven't been able to take off repeat. Then I threw in some SALES, because big sis is such a great song and perfect for this sunny saturday which I spent this morning in the cutest coffee shop. I also couldn't help but add POST MALONE's hot single. 

PS. simple syrup instead of sugar is the greatest invention ever. And please give feedback or let me know if artist I should give a listen to

xoxo, k